About Us

So…who’s The Lifeaholics?

We all are Lifeaholics, everyone who takes part of this blog, writing, reading, commenting and enjoying.
We are two best friends that wanted a place to talk about our hobbies and share our interests with anyone willing to read about them.
You’ll find a lot of blogs about makeup, fashion and so on, but “The Lifeaholics” is NOT a regular blog: it’s true you’ll read a lot about beauty and fashion but here we will talk about absolutely everything! Make-up, nails, fashion, music, tv, festivals, trips, expos… anything we find interesting to share with you.

We don’t have a lot of money or anything like that but that doesn’t stop us from getting what we want and from enjoying life. That’s the main idea of the concept “Lifeaholic”, not giving up on things you want, there’s always a way to reach your goals, to get that bag, to visit that city or to know interesting people.

We hope this blog encourages and inspires people and that you take part of this project, sharing your ideas and experiences with us.

Pero… ¿quiénes son The Lifeaholics?

Todos somos Lifeaholics, cualquiera que forme parte de este blog escribiendo, leyendo, comentando y disfrutando.
Somos dos mejores amigas que querían un sitio para hablar sobre sus hobbies y compartir sus intereses con cualquiera que quiera leerlos.
Encontrarás un muchos de blogs sobre maquillaje, moda etcétera, pero “The Lifeaholics” NO es un blog normal: es verdad que leerás mucho de belleza y moda, pero aquí hablaremos de absolutamente todo: maquillaje, uñas, moda, música, tv, festivales, viajes, expos…cualquier cosa que nos parezca interesante para compartir con vosotros. Ésta es la idea general del concepto “Lifeaholic”, no rendirse ante las cosas que quieres, siempre hay una forma de conseguir tus metas, ese bolso, ir a esa ciudad o conocer a gente interesante.

Esperamos que este blog anime e inspire a la gente y que forméis parte de este proyecto, compartiendo vuestras ideas y experiencias con nosotros.

Who’s behind “The Lifeaholics” ?

¿Quién está detrás de “The Lifeaholics”?


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